Life lately

Life has been pretty much like a whirlwind lately ... with me and my mum hurrying up here and there! 
Life has also changed a lot lately and I feel like I'm not fully catching it up ...

But there's a thing that makes me feel awesome and happy and in peace and love with the world: to canoe. 
I've never thought that I could find it so relaxing and fun at the same time! But it happened!

I started one day by chance: I told my aunt that I was interested in what apparently is a family sport (for female only)! Two of my aunts and a cousin of mine love to canoe on our lake ... and here I am appreciating it too! 


I love my lake, I have always loved it and I will always love it! 
It's definitely the place where I meant to live!

Thank you for reading :) 


reality vs. dream

Thank you for reading :)

DIY - cuoricini di feltro - simple little felt hearts

Per chi, come me, sta cercando di trovare la sua strada nel magico mondo del DIY (Do It Yourself, altresì detto Fai Da Te), qui trovate un semplice tutorial su come creare piccoli cuori di feltro con cui si possono creare collane, spille, pacchetti regalo e tante altre cose!

For those who, like me, are trying to find their ways in the magic world of DIY, here you have a simple tutorial on how to create little felt hearts with which you can decore necklaces, pins, gift packages and many other things!

Thank you for reading :)


DIY - From plastic bottle to ... - Da bottiglia di plastica a ...

Questa idea è semplicemente G E N I A L E!!!
Ecco come riciclare una bottiglia di plastica ed ottenere un porta cellulare/lettore mp3/qualunque altra cosa che deve essere ricaricato elettricamente!

This idea is simply G R E A T!!!

Here's how to recycle a plastic bottle and get a cell phone / mp3 player / whatever other thing that needs to be electrically recharged!

Basta prendere bottiglia vuota di forma adatta, tagliarla e decorarla!
Per la decorazione si può scatenare la fantasia! io userei stoffa colorata e colla a caldo per fissarla alla plastica! Qui trovate le foto del tutorial! Enjoy! :)

You have just to take an empty bottle with a suitable shape for your purpose, cut it and decorate it!
For decoration you can really unleash your imagination! I would use colorful fabric and hot glue to attach the plastic! Here you can find the photos of the tutorial! Enjoy! :)

Thank you for reading :)